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Educational Discounts

Art House projects are a great way to inspire students to work in a different platform then they may be used to. We offer discounts for all our projects for groups of 10 or more coming from an educational institution. The discounts typically range from 1-3 dollars per submission but do vary depending on the project. We have projects that fit a mold of many different areas. Most of our projects are extremely open and allow for the teacher to adapt the project into their current lesson plan.

For educational groups of 100 or more we offer different packages including a live presentation with the art house creators and for big enough groups we offer an exhibition housed at your school.

Group Discounts

Art House offers discounts on all projects for groups of 10 or more. This offer is open to anyone from a group of friends, to a bunch of coworkers. The discount is typically 1-3 dollars off per submission and includes discounted shipping when shipping charges are applied.

Special group discounts

We offer special discounts for groups of children psychiatric facilities, art therapist, medical hospitals and other groups that fit into these categories. Please contact us for more info on these special discounted rates.

Please email email us to organize a group.


More info?

Please contact us for more info on groups. Please include the type of group and the number of participants you plan on having. We accept checks, money orders, Paypal and all major credit cards for group orders.