important dates

10/15/08 :sign up by
11/15/08 :postmark deadline
01/23/09 :show date

show will be held at

Art House Gallery

309 Peters St
Atlanta, Ga 30313


Art House Gallery

Frequently asked q's

So everyone is going to be published in the book?

Yup! Every person who sends back their images on time is guaranteed at least one image in the book.

Can I send more than one image for each item on the list?

No. Please limit yourself to one image per thing on the list, giving you a maximum of 24 images.

What mediums are accepted?

Any medium is accepted. However, simple drawings or sketches are discouraged.

When will the books be available to the public?

The official release date is on January 23rd, 2009, during the book release exhibition showing at our gallery in Atlanta.

How much will the book cost? Am I saving money by pre-ordering?

The book will cost $25. You can pre-order the book with your submission to the project for $17. Please be aware that you must order it at the time of signing up to get the pre-order discount.

What will the book look like?

It will be a 7"x"7 softcover, perfect bound book. The page count will be determined by the amount of images that are sent back to us. However, there will definitely be a minimum of 36 pages.

Does the pre-order price for the book include shipping it to me?

Yup! The pre-order price of $17 for the book includes shipping it to you!

send entries to

art house

c/o Shane Zucker
172 Haynes St SW #212
Atlanta, Ga 30313

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