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An international scavenger hunt to see how artists from around the globe visually interpret the same items, which are then documented in a book and exhibitions.


*At least one item of your artwork is guaranteed into the book and exhibition as long as you follow all project rules.

Get Involved

This is as much a social experiment as it is an art exhibition. You will receive a universal list that you (and every participant involved) will use to visually interpret each item. Any medium may be used as long as it can be shipped to us (or photos taken and included on a CD). Experimentation and thinking outside of the box is the name of the game.

The final outcome is to document the project in two ways, including multiple exhibitions (at galleries in Brooklyn, NY and Seattle, WA) and in a book.

At least one of your items will be included in the book.

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The Book

Scavenger Project Book  

To document the project, we will be creating a book out of the submissions we receive. Each person who participates will have at least one of their submissions printed in the book.

The book will be perfect bound and printed in full color with approximately 60-80 pages.

You can pre-order the book now along with your project for a $5.00 discount.


The Exhibitions

May 21st, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Art Library
Brooklyn, NY
June 4th - 6th, 2010
Seattle, WA
Form Space Atelier
2407 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA

The T-Shirt

Scavenger Project Book

To go along with the project, we’re releasing a limited edition screen printed t-shirt. They are printed on American Apparel 100% cotton tees.

They include the list on top center of the back of the shirt just incase you’ve forgotten your list when inspiration strikes.

T-shirts start shipping October 20th. Price includes shipping!

You can purchase a t-shirt to the left with your project submission for a discounted price.


The Rules

To participate in this project, simply add it to your cart on the left and then proceed with the check out process. We will then send you a welcome packet along with the list of items for you to interpret.

Your goal is to create a piece of artwork, object, or some form of an idea based around each item on the list.

At least one of your pieces will be included in both the book AND the exhibitions.

You may use any medium to create your artwork. However, please keep in mind that you must ship the artwork to us in the mail, so make sure your work is at a size that is able to be shipped. You may also submit your work on a CD. However, by submitting only with a CD, we can unfortunately not include your work in the exhibitions (only the book.) Please make sure to read the details in the "Rules" tab about using a CD to submit.

Due to the nature of the project, we are unable to send work back to you. Please keep this in mind when submitting originals. Because of this, you may want to have your work professionally photographed and submit it on a CD. The collection of artwork will be stored at Brooklyn Art Library in 2010.

Before submitting work, make sure you sign up to participate at the left of the page. After you sign up, we'll send you a welcome packet, but you can start creating your work right away.

Important Dates

February 14, 2010: Deadline to sign up to participate
April 15, 2010: Postmark deadline to submit your artwork by

Where to send your work

Art House will be moving to Brooklyn, NY in January. We have taken this into consideration with the process of sending us mail, and anticipate a smooth transition.

Until January 5, 2010, please continue sending it to our Atlanta address below. When the date comes closer to our moving date, we will give the new address to send it to. Until then, please send it to the following:
Art House Gallery
C/o Scavenger Project
309 Peters St
Atlanta, GA 30313

Submission Guidelines

  • Any mediums may be used.
  • On the back of each piece of artwork you MUST write the following:
    1. The corresponding number it is representing from the list.
    2. The name that you used when signing up for the project followed by your city and state. This is MANDATORY. Without your name on the back, you WILL NOT BE INCLUDED in the show or the book.
  • You may submit your artwork in a couple of ways, both as physical pieces and on a CD. We recommend both ways if possible.
    • Originals or Hardcopies
      1. In order to have your work shown in the exhibitions, you obviously must send us physical pieces to display.
      2. We are unable to return artwork, so please document them for your records. All artwork submitted to us will be stored at the Brooklyn Art Library after it is finished being displayed on the exhibitions.
      3. Make sure that whatever you create is able to be shipped to us in the mail.
    • Artwork on a CD
      1. We recommend submitting physical work so that they can be exhibited as well as professional quality, high resolution photographs on CD of the same pieces so that we may use them for the book (if you don't submit on a CD, we will still take our own pictures for the book, don't worry!)
      2. Make sure the pictures you take are of professional quality and are at the highest resolution possible. If in doubt about taking your own pictures, please send physical pieces instead and we will take photos of them for the book.
      3. As stated above, you MUST submit physical pieces of your work if you want them to be exhibited. If you only send a CD of pictures, we can only use them for the book and they will NOT be in the exhibitions. We recommend sending both physical pieces AND pictures of those pieces on a CD.
      4. Write the name that you used when signing up for the project followed by your city and state on the CD.
      5. Please label each file on the cd with a number that corresponds to the list item that it is representing.

How many pieces from the list do I have to submit to be included in the book?
We encourage you to complete the entire list. However, if you can not complete all of the items, you must submit at least three items to be included in the book.

By submitting artwork to Art House, LLC, you are giving Art House, LLC the right to use images of your work for any promotional materials, on our websites, and any other print publications we put out. Newspapers and other media outlets (including online blogs) are allowed to use images of your work in promotional material promoting Art House.

Your work is your work and you retain the rights to it. We simply want to be able to show it off. Also, please realize that we are unfortunately unable to return artwork for this project.