A Million Little Pictures
Friday, May 25th, 2007
4:00-11:00 PM


Welcome to Art House.

News Update!

Big things are happening at Art House in the next two weeks. Due to immediate circumstances, we're temporarily closing our doors to revamp the boutique and gallery. We will be closed starting Friday, June 1st until Wednesday, June 13th.

The A Million Little Pictures show will also reopen on June 13th and continue to run until June 20th.

Our next show is June 23rd entitled "When The World Was Flat".

To compliment the changes at Art House, we are looking for a bunch of new artists to feature in our boutique. Please send us an email with a link to your work and a little about yourself.

Also, submissions for A Million Little Pictures Volume 2 are rolling along a lot steadier than we ever expected and people are signing up like crazy. This time we are sending out 300 disposable cameras, so make sure you sign up soon before we hit our limit!

We want to thank everyone for your continued support, and we can't wait to see everyone in two weeks when we reopen!

Got Art?

We probably want it. Art House is always looking for new artists to become part of the boutique. Check out the get involved page for more info. Oh, and join our street team!

Art House sells a variety of art by a variety of artists. You'll find everything from paintings to purses, from photographs and prints to handmade books, jewelry and greeting cards. We like all kinds of art at the 'House.

Please stop by.

Art House is located at 111 New Street, Suite B in East Decatur Station. Click here for directions.