Ann Isik

Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom www.annisikarts.com
BA First Class Honours, Fine Art (1987) University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Since graduating creating, in word and image, 'on the run' in northern and southern England, London, Dubai, Grand Cayman, France. Presently living and creating in Kent, The Garden of England. My work is about 'consciousness' and finding ways of mapping it.

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Joanna Urbani 3 days

It's supposed to be a dry weekend.....but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a dry day!! I'm going to be working on The Arthouse Mystery Project this weekend, as well as planning The Chronicle Project (that one's got to be off by the 15th, yikes!!!). Are you taking part in either of them?

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Joanna Urbani 9 days

Thank you so much for the gelli plate info Ann. I'll be ordering up soon and having a play - it looks fun!! Enjoying the weather?!


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Joanna Urbani 10 days

Hello again Ann - I saw you had left a comment on someone else's blog about gelli printing plates. This is something I'd like to have a go at and I read you were able to get hold of one. I tried to find the printers you referred to but with no success - could you let me know where you finally managed to track down a gelli art plate? Many thanks, Jo Urbani (fiddlesnips!).

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roshi7 29 days

thanks Ann
have a great week there


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Joanna Urbani about 1 month

Hi Ann, thank you for looking at my submission for the Limited Edition Sketchbook. I'm in Edenbridge in Kent (near Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells). Completing the Ltd Edn was quite an emotional experience and I really poured my heart into it. It was also a time to remember the happy times and to reflect on the person that my dad was. Your artwork is beautiful and I really admire the layers and textures in your pages. These projects are fun, aren't they?!

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dosankodebbie about 1 month

Thank you for your comment on my profile page. I love the colors in your artwork and the way you make the pages. If you're interested in Ainu folklore, you may like my Ainu-related blog. It's called Project Uepeker and it's at http//projectuepeker.blogspot.com

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Kirsten Aunsbjerg Villadsen 2 months

Belated thanks for your comments on my sketchbook, Ann - I appreciate very much your comment on my "bird" page as I often draw these small size series - I might follow your suggestion and develop them.

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Helena Sullivan 2 months

I was born in Walderslade and used to love going to Rochester. Is Peggity's Parlour still there? :) Have you used the historical backdrops of the area in your work? Do you find any inspiration in things like the castle, or the old tree outside the cathedral? I've moved to Colchester, another town full of history. I love it! Off to explore your sketchbook now. They haven't uploaded mine yet :(

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Mike Hall 2 months

Hi Ann,

Thanks for your comments. Yes, Kells is a wonderful place, and the welcome that we received there made it all the more special. Agree that the problem seems to be making time for everything, but will keep battling on! The creative writing is certainly adding another dimension to my work. Look forward to looking at your work in more detail. Must dash!
Kind regards. Mike

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klbc | THU Phan 3 months

Hi Ann,Yes, I'm layout Animator, I'm newbie. After 4 years graduated as an interior Design, finally I found out that my passion is Animation. It's hard to start but I'll try my best. ^_^ Anyway, tks for your comment, very nice to know you :"> I hope you have a great day!


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