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Born in Hong Kong and raised in Philadelphia, Jannie Ho studied illustration at Parsons The New School of Design in New York. Also known as Chicken Girl, she specializes in illustrating and designing for the children's market, with her work appearing in both trade and educational books, magazines, toys, crafts and digital media.

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chickengirldesign about 1 year

Thanks, Jenipher!

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Jenipher about 1 year

You're work is so great!

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chickengirldesign about 1 year

Thank you so much :-)

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dancewithanangel about 1 year

I ADORED your sketchbook!  I am posting this page so my friends can read it and enjoy it too!  I am still smiling after the last page...

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AnjaLau over 1 year

Feeling very happy while looking at your fantastic pictures!!! :)

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betty over 1 year

This is such a delightful journey that you have taken us on.

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chickengirldesign over 1 year

tracyb: I love hearing from people who have lived in or near Ann Arbor, its always interesting to get their perspective. It is definitely colder here than in NY!!! I can tell the difference for sure.

Thanks for reading!

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tracyb over 1 year

I like the way you have chosen to tell your story. It's playful yet real. It's interesting to here your perspective of going from New York to Ann Arbor, and it being the small town. I lived in Northside Ypsi near Ann Arbor, and know the town and the Detroit Area. What I remember is going to see blues and jazz at the Blind Pig. The little greek restaurants, and Ono Pizza, and the first Borders Books Downtown in a house. It was when I started out from 85 to 90'. It was the big town to me, now I live in a midwestern town of 20,000. It's not really colder in Ann Arbor than in New York is it? Looking forward to seeing the rest of your book, love it!

I am doing science project gone wrong.

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Adriana Taylor over 1 year

Thanks for the comment:)

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Mehenninger over 1 year

Fantastic sketchbook!!  I can't wait to read the next installment!!

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