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I was born and grew up in the Netherlands, but have lived in Britain for many years. My grandfather, an avid art lover, introduced me at an early age to Amsterdam's art galleries and museums, where we were frequent visitors. My formal art education and own practice began at a later stage in life, when painting soon became a passion. Since 1993 it has occupied all my time.

I studied drawing and painting at the City Literature Institute in London and obtained a BA Honours in the Practice and Theory of Visual Arts at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Every year I live and work in France for several months.

To see more of my paintings and for further information, please visit  www.ellywrightart.com

To read a recent interview go to http://southlondonwomenartists.co.uk/2009/11/07/featured-artist-elly-wright/



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yard_ape 4 days ago

oops i goofed on sketchbook.


yard_ape 4 days ago

excellent skechtbook!


Goatsprincesses 5 days ago

I am so glad that you saw evidence of your book's arrival! I fret over international mail. A friend of mine in GA just saw my piece in Atlanta, and told me she gave it a hello. I love how accessible we've become...even if at times we become lost in it.


jillevans 6 days ago

Thanks Elly, it's great to know they can now be seen in reality. It would be lovely if we could visit too.


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