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if you wanna good drawing, or if you just wanna go out for a coffee and talk.

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Greg is a Winnipeg-born artist who has loved drawing ever since he was old enough to grasp a crayon and destroy his parents' furniture. His influences range from, Looney Tunes, the Muppets and Mad Magazine, to the likes of Robert Crumb, Brian Froud and HR Giger. Greg is a 1993 Graduate of Red River College's 'Advertising Art' program, and has worked professionally in the graphic arts industry ever since. His portfolio is decorated with an eclectic mix of print media illustrations and designs from billboards to product ID labels, and much more. He has been sketching caricatures for various special events such as corporate parties, weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs since the early 90s. Greg currently lives in Winnipeg with his wife and three daughters.

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lynnmarcoe one day ago

Thanks Greg,

Mind fade on my part!!!  Thanks for clearing it up for me!!

gregoakes January 23, 2011

lynn,... thank you so much!! :) pleasure to meet you!

lynnmarcoe January 21, 2011

Great stuff--Love your work!!

gregoakes January 18, 2011

oh wow, cool!!! that's beyond neato!! fortunate you! :)

SnugBug216 January 18, 2011

You're welcome. Cool name idea, love when folks have reasoning behind why they bestow certain names on loved ones. :) Don't think I'll be naming any future children Miss Piggy, though, I can certainly imagine a future husband answering to the call of "Sweetums". ;D

Last summer I got to see some of the actual Muppets up close and personal while volunteering with a Jim Henson traveling exhibit here at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Dark Crystal memorabilia, included. Neato, huh?

gregoakes January 17, 2011

thanks deborah!! :) i like the muppets so much i named my first born after one; kira, the female gelfling from jim henson's the dark crystal. ;)

SnugBug216 January 16, 2011

Hi, there, Greg. Just had a look-see at some of your work. Nice! Definitely see some of your influences in there. Nice to "meet" you, and on an ending note, Muppets rule! :D


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