Mary Rieser Heintjes

NY www.LMStudio265.com
Reacting to the environment has always encompassed a threshold in which to produce my art.  Grasping onto sites in nature that stirs some inner desire to draw, paint and photo keeps me always drawing, painting and photographing. To become closer to nature in response to its source finds me covering the surface with views that lure me into itself.
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elaineespinosa 5 months

Thanks for stopping by, good luck on your roof garden!

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greenleaf 5 months

I love butterflies ! I visit a great butterfly exhibit close to me at brookside gardens in maryland. I do visit NYC often since Iam a native but usually spend all my time at restaurants! But I will definitely visit the NY butterflies in the summer. thanks !

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littleBIGPetPortrait 5 months


Hey, I went to the show in Portland yesterday. Lots of people there, which was great to see. But to find a book you're looking for, you have to know the artist's first and last name, they can't search by username! So make sure you put that somewhere in your bio, or upload a picture of your back cover with barcode in the portfolio, that will help people find yours. If you get a chance to go to any of the tour stops, it's well worth it!


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bykris 5 months

Very great sketches!

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bicemama 5 months

Most of my pottery was sold, and several of the pieces I kept the cat knocked off of the mantle!  I'll see if there is anything around that hasn't been boxed away.  I haven't done pottery in a very long time.

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littleBIGPetPortrait 7 months

Great Sketches!

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Arlissa Vaughn over 1 year

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cynthia over 1 year

I'm hoping to go check it out in LA next weekend.


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cynthia over 1 year

hey, Did you get to the sketchbook show? How'd it go?

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cynthia over 1 year

Great book!

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