Diana Taylor

Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom www.velvetmothstudio.com


I graduated with honours in Textile Art, and I now work as a textile and mixed media artist.  I am inspired by my garden, the countryside around me and a love of moths, birds and all things that fly. If you want to know more please visit my blog at www.velvetmothstudio.blogspot.com


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Jan Brandt 12 days

very nice work, love the texture combined with the gestural line work.

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ersimarina 4 months

Excellent work, very sensitive and creative. Thanks for following my work :)

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D Chai Sourh 4 months

I just viewed your sketchbook work. Love the layering, the stitching work, the lettering. Mostly I love the story, the feel of the book. brilliant work, gentle journey with a knockout emotional punch.

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bridget grady 5 months

Beautiful work!! Thanks for the comment!

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lotebush 6 months

Thank you for your comment on my drawings. I love what you have done for the sketchbook project. It makes my heart ache -- in a good way.

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roshi7 6 months

thanks Diana
for your lovely message on my page earlier. hope to have some new ones up soon. I like how youve used the matchpots, sounds a good way to get some body into the page to work on. so many ways that people do their books arent there! good luck with the rest of it,


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Carolyn Saxby 6 months

Hi Diana, thanks for your lovely comment. I use a Canon Powershot A1100 IS. It's an inexpensive little point and shoot camera x

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sethfitts 6 months

I enjoyed browsing your sketchbook images. I look forward to seeing new work and hope to see your book in person when the Project goes on tour.

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sethfitts 6 months

Thank you so much for the comment! You are too kind!

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roshi7 6 months

lovely profile image! have fun with the book - just checked your blog and looks like youre well into it. inspiring.

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