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Highjacking the genre of Pop Erotica to influence minds about issues of the heart
acrylic, illustration, painting, female, nudes, celebrity

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Robert Tapley Bustamante is a nationally recognized painter and designer, with recent shows in Kansas City, Saint Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia and NYC. He exhibits in several shows, writes names on his shit list, and kicks ass in the evenings.


The best description of my paintings would be “beautifully disturbing”.

I am less interested in replicating exact visual forms, and more
interested in the immediacy of communication. Therefore, I use thick
heavy lines, typographical letters, and an overall flatness of form to
achieve bold, consuming ardent narratives.

My paintings explore the condition of the heart, and the things we say
and do to each other. Bodily nakedness and emotional nakedness are
intertwined, as often times to speak intimately with each other leaves
us vulnerable and exposed.

Intense tales of intimacy, love, angst, regret, sadness, and misplaced
desire bubble up to the surface, but they're all coated in glittering
colors that mask the emotions of the paintings from a distance. I do
this on purpose, as people themselves sugar coat what is really going
on in their lives, and from a distance appear appealing.

I am not interested in painting what I see. I am more interesting in
painting what I know to be emotionally true. Painting is not about
depicting well-behaved animals and bowls of fruit, to me painting is
emotional warfare. Razor sharp offensive and defensive measures must be
utilized in order to reach those in need of solace.

Flat out. I am less concerned with making art that makes people superficially feel good, and more concerned with making art that is relevant and alive.

All of these things I create I do out of love, and not to be a clever smartass artist.

Creating art for self-glorification is boring. Creating art out of self-sacrifice is honorable. I desire to comfort the sorrowful, and reach those who are brokenhearted.

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grace epstein
grace epstein 44 days ago

you're a brave soul on a soul journey...liked your words and motivations...


ladyGalaxy 198 days ago

your work makes me smile... as does your compliment (ok it made me blush - just a little)  I did sign up for the next sketchbook project and i eagerly await my book.... i may have to make some adjustments due to the style of my art and the nature of my paint... but i am excited to try!!! hope to talk to you more!!! you can find me on other sites... facebook myspace... always ladygalaxy  

[email protected]


JK Milliman
JK Milliman 299 days ago

Thanks... Ive realized the black lines defintely make a visual sound! I absolutely love your color usage with the black lines in your sketchbook. They give each sketch a focal point for the eye to concentrate on and soak in the message. Simply wonderful.


AnnGee 309 days ago

Hey sorry it's taken me so long to respond I think I developed my insomnia around the time you wrote me. Anyway, if you want to see more pf my paintings visit: http://picasaweb.google.com/Flyingtangerine

Thanks for the compliments man!!


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